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Middle States Commission on Higher Education
3624 Market Street, 2nd Floor West
Philadelphia, PA 19104

For Educator Preparation Programs in Teacher Education (Undergraduate and Graduate) and Communication Sciences and Disorders (Undergraduate):
Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP)
P.O. Box 7511
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
Please note that Elmira College is a member of AAQEP. Pursuant to §52.21 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the educator programs offered by Elmira College are considered to be continuously accredited for purposes of meeting the New York State requirement that all such programs maintain continuous accreditation.   

For Nursing:
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
3390 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: (404) 975-5000
Email: info@acennursing.org

Additional information related to accreditation can be obtained from the Office of the Provost located in McGraw 107. Contact number is (607) 735-1804.


Fall 2017 Freshman Cohort Graduating by Ethnicity


Ethnicity# Entering# Graduating% of Graduates
Nonresident Alien3133%

American Indian

or Alaska Native


Black or

African American


Native Hawaiian

or other Pacific Islander


Two or

More Races


Race and

Ethnicity Unknown

Total Women1389367%


Ethnicity# Entering# Graduating% of Graduates
Nonresident Alien3267%

American Indian

or Alaska Native


Black or

African American


Native Hawaiian

or other Pacific Islander


Two or

More Races


Race and

Ethnicity Unknown

Total Men663756%

Ethnicity# Entering# Graduating% of Graduates
Total Men and Women20413064%

Income-Based Graduation Rates

Initial 2017 Cohort of first-time, full-time, bachelor's (or equivalent) degree-seeking undergraduate students
Received Federal Pell GrantReceived Direct Subsidized Loan But No Pell GrantDidn't Receive Pell Grant or Subsidized Loan
Of the initial 2017 Cohort, students who did not persist and did not graduate for the following reasons: deceased, permanently disabled, armed forces, foreign aid service of the federal government, or official church missions; total allowable exclusions
Received Federal Pell GrantReceived Direct Subsidized Loan But No Pell GrantDidn't Receive Pell Grant or Subsidized Loan
Of the initial 2017 cohort, students who completed the program within six years
Received Federal Pell GrantReceived Direct Subsidized Loan But No Pell GrantDidn't Receive Pell Grant or Subsidized Loan
Six-year graduation rate for 2017 cohort
Received Federal Pell GrantReceived Direct Subsidized Loan But No Pell GrantDidn't Receive Pell Grant or Subsidized Loan


For the freshman class that entered in Fall 2022, 74% returned for Fall 2023.

Retention by Gender
Female78 (77%)
Male50 (70%)

Retention Rate by Ethnicity
American Indian or Alaskan native0%
Black or African American50%
Hispanic of any race77%
Two or more races28%
Nonresident alien62%
Race and Ethnicity unknown67%

Student Population

  • We currently enroll students from 30 US States and 20 countries
  • Fall 2023 Full-Time Undergraduate Enrollment: 566 (+7 non-degree)
  • Fall 2023 Part-Time Undergraduate Enrollment: 23 (+17 non-degree)
  • Fall 2023 Graduate Enrollment: 44
  • Total Fall 2023 Enrollment: 657

Campus Safety and Security

Elmira College's Annual Security Report (ASR) can be found on our Campus Safety page.

A hard copy of this report may be obtained by contacting the Director of Campus Safety at (607) 735-1777. The office is located at 710 Park Place, Elmira NY 14901.



Our current student faculty ratio is 8 to 1.

View Our Majors

Information on graduate programs is available by visiting our Graduate Programs page.

Elmira College has a Teacher Education program with certification in a variety of subjects. Our most recent Title II report with information on enrollment and outcomes can be viewed here.

Elmira College has a Nurse Education program. Testing pass rates are as follows:

NCLEX-RN Pass Rates for First Attempt

YearNumber EligibleNumber Attempted

Number Passing on

the First Attempt

EC Pass Rate

(Mean Percent)

National Baccalaureate

Pass Rate


Additional information regarding the Nurse Education program can be found on the Nursing page.


Professional Licensure Disclosures

Elmira College agrees to provide notifications to students related to professional licensure.  Any institution approved to participate in SARA that offers courses or programs designed to lead to professional licensure or certification or advertised as leading to licensure must satisfy all federal requirements for disclosures regarding such professional licensure programs under 34 §C.F.R. 668.43.

For SARA purposes, institutions that are unable, after all reasonable efforts, to determine whether a program will meet state professional licensure requirements shall provide the student or applicant with current contact information for any applicable licensing boards, and advise the student or applicant to determine whether the program meets requirements for licensure in the state where the student is located.  For additional information, students may visit the NC-SARA Professional Licensure Directory at nc-sara.org/professional-licensure-directory.   

Requirements vary by state. Consequently, Elmira College strongly recommends that a prospective student contact the appropriate licensing agency or board in that student’s home state or territory – including states that are members of NC-SARA – BEFORE beginning any academic program or coursework. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm program eligibility for licensure in any state outside of New York.   

Although Elmira College will soon be seeking New York State Education Department (NYSED) approval to add the distance education modality to its Master of Science in Education (MSEd) programs, courses in those programs will be offered in the distance education format pursuant to NYSED’s recent extension of distance education flexibility through the 2022-23 academic year. This means that Elmira College and other institutions across New York are permitted to offer or continue offering programs through distance education for the prescribed period without triggering the need to register those programs in the distance education format. For additional information on Elmira College’s MSEd offerings, click here. 


Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

Elmira College's Cost of attendance, scholarships and other aid, forms and deadlines, application process, and Financial Aid staff can be viewed on our Affordability page.

Elmira College's Net Price Calculator can be viewed by clicking the button below.

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